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I'm a cyber security professional in the military. I have 1 year remaining on my contract and I'm trying to find the next certification that I should pursue. I work in endpoint security, IDS/IPS analysis and operations, and IA. Currently I have:

Certified Ethical Hacker
Associate of ISC2 (CISSP pending degree)
85% completed with degree in Software Development and Security.

GIAC is very expensive but I would really like to get my GCIA completed. Currently though, a test attempt is more than $1000. Is it worth it? I am looking to work in IA, Information Security Engineering, or Software/Systems Development. I would love to hear what people think would be a good addition to my certification base or maybe even something that is a must have that I have no idea about. I am looking forward to any feedback I can get.


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    Sans works best if you have their book.
    test questions come from book material.
    the material in classes are extensive.
    maybe someone with this exact cert can chime in too.
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    Last time I checked the chart, GCIH gives you more bang for the buck for a clearance job, since it grants IAT-III and then some. But you have ISC associate and CEH so the GCIH gains are moot. Last time I checked a job board, GCIH yielded 200ish hits versus 100ish hits for GCIA. Both really are exotic gems for your cert crown.

    How about a CCNA? You probably aren't touching switches and routers but the same job board yields over 1000 hits. CCNA and maybe getting the degree finished ASAP is my vote.
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    From the certs you have mentioned, it definitely looks like you have decent security information. How about working on weaker areas of yours, how are you with networking, Linux and scripting skills? Maybe start a blog and show potential employers projects you are working on. I know we have all heard Sans courses are really good but paying $1000 out of your own pocket for one test is a little much too me.
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