Linux newbie needs help installing XGL on Ubuntu

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I'm going to be running a dual boot with ubuntu and winxp... I need xp for the graphics programs linux doesn't have going for it and I don't want to try and run through wine or anything, like 3D Studio max. I keep coming across these tutorials of how to install XGL, but theres one problem.. all they do is list commands and file edits, so I don't know if I need to download something or what. Plus, the last time I used Linux was about 7 years ago with Mandrake 6 or 7, and I don't even know where all this command line crap would go... can someone please explain where you type all of this and whether or not I have to download anything???
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    I don't use Ubuntu, but it appears to me that you add the entry

    deb dapper main

    to your /etc/apt/sources.list file. You should be able to open that file in your favorite text editor (vi, emacs, gedit if you have gnome, etc). You also need to uncomment the Universe and Multiverse lines of the sources.list file by removing the # character from those lines that end in universe multiverse.

    After you update your sources.list file they want you to issue the command from the shell (command line)

    sudo apt-get update

    If that doesn't work, try typing


    then enter your root password, then issue the command

    apt-get update

    Then you want to install the xserver-xgl package, and since I don't use Ubuntu I would follow these simple instructions to use the GUI tool:

    It looks as simple as WinXP Add/Remove programs. Keep in mind you will need root priveledges to do that, so either sudo or su first (or to make it real easy log in as root).

    Finally, follow their instructions under the section titled "Choose How Your Computer Will Start Xgl". You will be editing another config file. You will type

    gksudo gedit /usr/bin/

    from the shell/command line to open the file in a text editor (if using gnome). You might have to type su first, then gedit.... etc after entering your password for root. I am not familiar with Ubuntu and the sudo defaults.

    Next, find your videocard/desktop combination on the list and edit the file as recommended. Save your changes to the text file. Then at the shell/command line make the file executable by typing

    sudo chmod +x /usr/bin/

    (again using su if necessary instead of sudo). Continu on with the tutorial as they have it, as you should get the hang of it by now. I think you got confused between typing commands and editing files, so just read carefully. The instructions they have are very good and I hate to continue repeating them here. However, if you still get stuck post back and we'll try to help. :)
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    Ah, so you're either editing files or entering commands into the shell? OK... not so bad after all. I wasn't sure where these commands would go, but that makes perfect sense. I really appreciate it man, I'm loving linux, always have, and now that I'm making plans on getting several more certs. having to do more with IT work than my graphics design work, I'm wanting to learn as much as possible about linux, and it just seems as though Mandriva, formally mandrake, is the, "oh, you're a noob that knows nothing?? Here...let us do everything for you just like windows..." When it was still called Mandrake, I read in a forum someone referring to it as ManGates because it was so similar to windows for us beginners... But I've read good things about Ubuntu, so I'm giving it a shot... thanks a lot, I appreciate the help.
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    Your welcome. Good luck with your learning. I learn a lot on this forum and it helps to keep me motivated by reading what others are doing and learning as well. :)
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    i couldn't agree more
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