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I'm going for CSI exam in couple of days. Advice from anyone who has recently passed the exam? Not feeling as confident as I was for OSA...
Any advise will be appreciated. Thanks


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    I sat and passed this last April. It can be a little more demanding than say the OSA because it really spans the ITIL framework. Understanding how measurements are used is important. The best thought that I have is not to get thrown off by the breadth of the scenarios - while they may touch on different modules or processes, the key is to focus on how to implement improvement. So if you see a scenario that mentions the Change Management program, don't think "oh crap, I don't know ST like that;" rather, think about what are the logical ITIL steps to create improvement.

    How have you fared on the sample tests? Are you able to detect the 5, 3, 1, and distracter with regularity? Are there specific areas that you seem to get caught up on? If you can elaborate on what has you less confident, it may be easier to provide more targeted, useful feedback.

    At any rate, good luck. Study effectively and you will be successful :)
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    Thanks Genx... I did well on sample tests. Was able to detect 5,3,1 and distractor easily. Anyways, i think i will be fine. Thanks alot:)
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