Instant messaging in terminal servers.

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Hi guys,

First off i'd just like to say cheers for all the help these boards have been over the past 6 months. They have saved me a lot of precious time pointing me in the right direction instead of me ploughing through pages and pages of documentation.

That being said i would like to call on you again for some more guidance on something our company is looking into. That something is some kind of instant messaging in terminal services.

This for me is something i am all too unfamiliar with. When i think instant messaging i think MSN and a little bit back from that to ICQ. I really haven't put much thought to it rather than it working so i can have a chat to my friends.

We are hoping to implement something so our staff members can send a simple message to work collegues instead of having to type an e-mail. The only problem is i have no idea of what the best way of going about this is. I do remember something called windows messaging which our school used many years ago and if there is something server 2003 has that is part of the package without having to spend money on more software then that would be brilliant.

Just to note we have roughly 120 staff members spread over 4 terminal servers (definately want that 5th one). So what i guess im asking would be for anyone with experience in this to give me some idea of a good place to start investigating this. Anyone with current working messaging, i would love to hear how your company does it, and is it something that is worth while and fairly hassle free.

Thanks again for all your help, and i look forward to hearing back from you all.


  • albangaalbanga Member Posts: 164
    Just bumping this back up again to see if anyone knows of anything. I have been searching myself and trying a few demo programs but nothing that has really gathered my confidence.
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    Messaging is still a service within windows. Though it is now disabled by default with any OS newer than Windows 2000. Microsoft believes this to be a security flaw to enable it.

    You can enable it by going to Start>Run>services.msc

    Click Properties on Messenger> Automatic or Manual>then start.
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