CCNP-DC Completed

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Just wanted to drop a note that I completed the last test in the CCNP-DC track an hour ago. Feels good to be done. On to the CCIE-DC Written Exam. Hopefully, will go take that test in about two months.

A quick thanks to those of you how posted your detailed study plan for each test. I used various material that was posted here when preparing for testing. For those who are working through the tests, dig around the forum for recommended material.

Hope everyone has a great year.



  • MitMMitM Posts: 581Member ■■■■□□□□□□
    A little late, but congratulations. I just saw they are changing the exams.
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  • ande0255ande0255 Posts: 1,178Banned
    Good job, I love seeing the posts not just for passing an exam, but earning the Certification! Congrats dude!!!
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  • NutsyNutsy Posts: 136Member
    Thanks everyone!
  • Danielh22185Danielh22185 Posts: 1,195Member
    Well done! Definitely one I will have my sights on in the near future.
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