Do you think Boson IT cert products are good?

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Anybody ever used Boson products ( They sell IT certification exam preparation materials such as online practice labs, practice exams, simulators, courseware, etc. Looks like it might be pretty good. Would like to hear feedback it any of you used their products.


  • paranoidparanoid Member Posts: 19 ■□□□□□□□□□

    I'm preparing for CCENT / CCNA exams and licensed Boson NetSim11 for CCNA and i'm satisfied with the functionality and the usability of the tool. There are a lot of preconfigured labs, so you can start off directly after installing it. You can build your on labs, with about 200 nodes, you have a fully emulated virtualized envionment. The UI is well structured and everything is kept easy. If you register at the website of Boson, you will get a nice discount on the regular price. After having finished a lab, you can let it grade by the software, which shows you wheter commands you set too much, and which too less. For each lab there is a solution after having posed fully the question (and you hopefully having done the lab)

    For my purpose i consider it a good learning tool. I can get valuable hands-on experience, reinforce commands and get routine at the cli, having invested my hard earned buck wisely (possible CCNP), and last but not least having fun doing labs.

    You can download a demo version (with limited labs) for making yourself an idea of the software. I can recommend it.

    Greets, Peter
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    I used Boson for Security+. There platform seems solid compared to transcender which used to crash on me after waking my laptop up. Good total question pool and there are very good number of simulation questions mixed in.

    My only issue was you don't have extremely granular control of which questions go into your practice pool. You can select random test questions, but you can't choose specific topics for your study subject.
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    Thanks Guys. I am looking at the demo now. It's important that the labs offer a simulated IT security environment that grades my assignments.
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    I have tried with this some days ago.But I am leaving from here and try to go another place.
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    Sorry Clifton.........Not sure what you're communicating.
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