Are SSCA SIP School Test Questions taken from a pool of questions?

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Many tests have a pool of questions that the test questions are selected from, and are randomly selected for individual tests.

So one person may get one set of questions, but another might get a different set of questions.

Does anyone know if the Sip School Test does this?

The test itself is 55 questions, and I'm thinking of using one of my three attempts to see what the questions are really like, but if the questions will be different in another test, then how will I know what to study for what I get wrong?


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    Almost every test is going to select a subset from a larger pool of questions. But, the knowledge being tested doesn't change.

    If you know why the right answers were right, and why the wrong answers were wrong, you should be okay.
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    Most exams have their questions pulled from a pool that meets the exam objective percentages. For instance, let's say cabling is 15% of the objectives, there should be 15% of the questions dealing with cabling. Thus, if you only answered 5 questions about cabling correct out of twenty, then you know what you need to spend more time on.
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