Significant differences between 300-115 and 642-813 books?

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I was going to start studying for the SWITCH test, and I still have the 642-813 OCG book from a few years back that I never finished. Since I'm currently in a financial crunchy, I wondered if I could just use the book I have and study up on whatever newer might have been added in the newest edition. Has it changed radically, or are the changes few enough that I could just pick up what's not in it from online study material? Yes, it would be ideal to have the newest book, but I don't really have the money.


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    I didn't use either books, so I can't really answer that to be sure. Are you using any video training? If so, I believe good video training, labbing and cisco documentation would be more than enough.

    I know you're in a financial crunch, but just FYI, when you can, you should check out a Safari subscription. I'm paying $10 a month and I can use up to 5 of their books or videos at one time. It sure beats buying books that you'll discard of after passing the exams
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    Check with your local library. Mine has a library subscription to Safari online that I log into and read most Cisco Press books. I noticed a few books weren't available compared to the free trail offer I tried, but there are more than enough available to fit my needs. Also, check the 3560 15.x configuration guides (or any switch with 15.0+) on I read both the 642-813 and the configuration guides while prepping for 300-115. The key is to stick to the exam blueprint as a table of contents. Its very easy to end up on a topic not on the blueprint when reading the older material, or the configuration guides.
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    What about the Chris Bryant book? Has anyone found it a better read than the OCG?
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