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What y'all using for prepereration as the books are garbage?


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  • offmymoundoffmymound Posts: 19Member ■□□□□□□□□□
    That's ridiculous, $1,000 for a course and $300 for the test. The books they put out for the CCNP Collab are awful.
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    I used both CBT Nuggets and the Chris Bryant Advantage videos. The CBT nuggets are def more entertaining but I find Bryant goes slower and into a lot more detail. Bryant videos are on sale at the moment as well. See link below.
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    You do know that CCNP Collaboration was being discussed here.. there's plenty of stuff out there for R&S.. Collab on the other hand..well .. This sub's a ghost town ever since the push from Voice to Collab without proper study materials aside from bootcamps that cost you an arm and a leg
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    The Cisco Press book was pretty much useless when I was studying for CIPTV2 last year. The free design guides (SRND) and hands-on lab work on is unfortunately the way to go.

    Wow, those learning network videos are $1k per test icon_surprised.gif
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