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Hi, first time poster here. A little about me first and foremost. I qualified as a pc technician way back in 2005 via a city and guilds level 2 qualification and a level 3 in 2006, since then I obtained a bachelors degree in applied computing in 2010. I have never worked in the it industry besides a couple of placements as part of my college course. Since qualifying the only work I have had is 10 years in retail. Back to the now and the reason for my registering and posting on this site. I have decided that I’ve had enough of retail and want to get back into the it industry, I’ve looked at the CompTIA a+ course but I’m unsure about whether it will lead to a job. What are my options to get into the it industry? Thanks in advance Peter


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    First and foremost: What are you interested in doing? Do you like helping people? (oops,you are in retail, so do you like dealing with difficult/irate customers)configuring computers? Do you have experience doing those things?
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    I like to help people because as you say I have a retail background which deals with customer service. In my family it’s normally me who has to solve computer related problems.
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