Eval copies of Vista and W8.1?

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Hi, I do not have access to a machine with either Vista or W8.1. Microsoft doesn't have them on their eval site that I can see. There has to be a way to legally get the eval versions of retired OSs so we can install VMs to study for the exams, right? Anyone know where to get them?



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    They don't have eval versions because they are obsolete operating systems.

    How about get an OEM version? It will be cheaper at least.
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    Several years ago, Microsoft had Technet paid subscriptions, where you had access to old and new software which can be used for evaluation / testing, it was relatively cheap (Around 250$ per year).

    Unfortunately people started abusing the licenses that they got through the subscription and Microsoft cancelled it., I regret not downloading older OS's and applications..

    Now, to get a legal evaluation copy direct from Microsoft you need to get an expensive visual studio subscription.
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    Here you go. Windows 7 is very a close match to Vista; I'd use that instead.
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