What's the Network Address I'm supposed to subnet?

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Not sure if Cisco forgot to add the Network address to the instructions, but I can't do this Packet Tracer without an address to begin my subnetting. Does anyone know the base network address so I can begin?5.6.1.doc

Change for 5.6.1.doc to 5.6.1.pka


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    Anyone? It's the Skills Based assessment for VTP and STP. I don't want the subnetted answer, I just need the address block that needs to be subnetted.
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    Nevermind. After looking for my old Cisco networking academy LAN Switching and Wireless Study Guide, I found the address block.

    If anyone else doesn't have the book, but has the packet tracer file 5.6.1 for the skills integration challenge LSG03-PTSkills5

    it's Address Space /24
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