Practice test question (#1)

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I think this question is a good example of what you need to be careful of on the test. Note I have never taken the CISSP. Interested in feedback from people who have.

Which of the following can be used to hide a spoof attack?
A masquerading
B buffer overflows
C sniffing
D denial of service (DOS)

In my opinion, 2 of the answers are correct. Both are valid responses


  • dhay13dhay13 Senior Member Member Posts: 580 ■■■■□□□□□□
    Seems to be an odd question as spoofing in and of itself is a form of hiding. If I were to pick an answer I would go with DoS. My thought is that a spoof attack would get lost in the traffic of a DoS attack. Be interested to hear what others say.
  • TechGuru80TechGuru80 Senior Member Member Posts: 1,539 ■■■■■■□□□□
    That is a terrible question.

    A. Masquerading by definition is pretending to be somebody / something that it is not...therefore it is spoofing.
    B. BO could allow access but generally leads to a DoS for the application/service.
    C. Sniffing is simply viewing traffic.
    D. DoS causes a service or application to fail...for example if an IDS had a DoS, then a spoof attack would not be detected.

    I hate the question, but D is the best answer.
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