GPEN Passed!!!!!



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    It looks a lot like the two practice tests they give you, in fact it's exactly like the practice tests, except the questions are different.
    Still searching for the corner in a round room.
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    brusell wrote: »
    Hi kMastaFlash,
    I'm currently preparing myself by selfstudy for GPEN exam (from official training books).
    Do you mind to share with me few info how exactly exam is organized?

    Many thanks.
    What do you mean self study from official training books? Like OnDemand? Or you bought off eBay....
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    Borrowed original books from my collegue who passed the official SANS GPEN training.
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    Failed my gpen, would love to speak to you when you have a moment.

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    I can't say much else without violating NDA (and we know how that turns out on here don't we) ;)

    lol you've got me curious now. what's happened here regarding NDA's?
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    2. Practice exams are very similar to actual exam!

    Please don't create the false impression for others in preparing. More correct way to say is the design and look-and-feel of Practice exam is same as the actual exam.

    Congrats in passing!
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    Congrats kMastaFlash on completing GPEN exam. When you register for the exam, which is roughly around 1000$, do you get study material or some reference material from GIAC or did you refer any particular book for this particular exam. Thanks for the tips related to GPEN indexing. :) will make a note when i take up GPEN exam in future :)
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