CySA+ Passed!

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My Journey
- Duration: Roughly 4 months. I honestly wish I took it sooner so I can move on to other certs.
- Read the CySA+ all in one book
- Went through all the Sybex practice questions. Went over it Twice!
-Studied about 2 to 4 hours everyday
- Created a study guide along the way

Exam difficulty:
Overall the exam was fair. I definitely say it was harder than the CEH.

My study resources were:

-CySA+ All in one Book
-Sybex book with practice questions
- Creating a study guide
- Also played around with a few tools
- Other sources such as: CEH all in one book, Security + books
- Quizlet flashcards for memorization


-Knowing XSS, LDAP, SQL Injection is a must
- Knowing incident response steps really helps. Remember P.I.C.E.R.L. The overall focus of the exam was definitely “blue team”
- Know how to read different types of logs

Anyways. Thank you guys for all the help and support! Good Luck to all future test takers!


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