Hitting a wall with SEC+ 501 studying

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I having been studying 2+hours a day with the Gibson book and Professor M. Vids as a resource. I amhitting a wall with chapter 8, 11, and getting diminishing returns with the endof book practice questions. Not sure but I am developing a block. Seem like Iwas doing better with instinct than thinking the questions through. I got 90days to take the exam so there is time. I just can't afford to take it manytimes. I guess that is where my anxiety is coming from. People Ihave talked to have said they had to take it 2 or 3 times. It is starting tostress me out. Any advice?


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    Don't listen to the other people. Take a deep breath. Go take a walk. How do you feel about what you know and go from there.
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    A lot of times when studying the information will build on itself so as you get closer and closer to the end of the content you have a much better understanding of it all. I have talked to a lot of different people that have given up on certs after only reading about 1/3rd of the material because it seems overwhelming at the time.

    For myself I always try to watch a video series first quickly. Then follow that up with reading a book to get a better understanding.

    Don't stress yourself out. Set up a schedule that leaves you a few weeks to do a retake if you need to.

    Good Luck!
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    I amhitting a wall with chapter 8, 11, and getting diminishing returns with the endof book practice questions. Not sure but I am developing a block. Seem like Iwas doing better with instinct than thinking the questions through.

    Have you looked back at the questions to understand why got them wrong? Sometimes it's because you missed a word or two or the manner of how the questions are asked so don't feel too bad about it. You can also think of it this way, it's better that you got them wrong now than on the actual test.
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    You're on the right track with using various types of sources though (video & book) because having crap explained in different manners can make things clearer at times. Another good strategy might be to highly prioritize/constantly review the domains that weigh the most in the COMPTIA Security+ objectives. Based on the objectives, the lowest domain seems to be Cryptography&PKI (only 12% of the exam). Whereas Technologies and Tools (22%) and Threats/Attacks/Vulnerabilities (21%) seem to have the largest percentages. I also try to make reference sheets for each chapter in any book that I use because there is no way in hell you can remember every detail in a 500+ page via one or two reads. Checkout Gibson's flashcard app if you haven't done so as well.
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    Yes I am reviewingeverything I am getting wrong. I am in the process of targeting my weak spots.Chapters 2, 4, 8, and 10 are my weakest in the Gibson book. My plan is to watchthe Messer vids again on these sections to reinforce everything. Ifeel better today. Just learning a new job and doing this at the same time is abit stressful. A ton of info to take in at the same time.
    I might do flash card in aweek if I am still not scoring well on the practice exams.
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    When I was studying for CISSP, I was falling flat on my face with the practice exams at the beginning, even with my Master's degree being outlined by the CISSP 2015 objectives. Then I changed my perspective a little. I started taking the exams in practice mode, where I could take as much time as I wanted, and look at the correct answer once I made my decision. Whether my answer was right or wrong, I would compare to the actual answer, and see if I could justify in a detailed way why their answer was correct. It took a lot longer for me to get to 80-90% that I needed for the exam, but slowing down was what I needed to give me that confidence.
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    Congrats buddy

    Would you be able to share the reading material you used for exam. Finding it bit confusing what study guide to use for exam prep.

    much appreciate the response.

    take care
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