Passed sys-401 back in February

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First time posting on this forum. Just wanted to thank the site for the tech notes and practice exams provided on here. Obviously it's not enough to pass the exam alone, but there is definitely some very good information to do extended research on.

I read the Sybex Security+ study guide (6th edition) book from front to back casually over about a year and a half, studied some of the tech notes from this site, did some extended research on those same topics, did some practice exam simulators for about 2 weeks and took a shot at the test and passed with a 505 (500 minimum). It was close, but a pass is a pass :). It was 5 points more than a coworker who took the infosec course so I'd say I did pretty good considering the lack of time i actually spent studying.

I'll be honest and say I didnt study very hard for this particular exam. It wasnt a cert I was interested in but rather a requirement for the DoD. I have about 10 years of expedience and in that time I had come across almost everything that was in the book and on the exam in some way or another. Just remembering particular ports and fine details were what got me on the exam.

Anyways, thanks again!


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