Peoplecert & exin exam voucher

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We have PEOPLECERT & EXIN Exam Voucher at discounted price.

Please reply to me with country where exam is to be taken and I shall confirm you exam price.



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    In the near future I plan pass the exam in Peoplecert.Country:Russia
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    I'm interest to buy a voucher for ITIL SO exam (I failed at first try), any discounts?
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    Check out some of the other topics in this forum that discuss best prices for ITIL certification exam vouchers. The one that come to mind is:
    [h=3]Cheapest option for the ITIL foundations exam? Vouchers / discount codes?[/h]There are many good options available depending on what you are looking for. Personally, I selected the training/exam certer I use based on price, customer service, and their eLearning being exactly what I needed to prepare for the exams.
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    Hi, I am Anas From India. Now I am in UAE. Can you please give me the discounted price in India & UAE.
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