An Exam Retires While You're Studying for it..What do you do?

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Just today I found that the Windows 10 MCSA exams 70-697 and 70-698 will retire in March 2019. Andrew posted this in this post.

What have you guys done in the past when exams retire when you're studying for them?

I haven't purchased the practice test for the exam, or the voucher. Both exams expire in March 2019. Pretty soon i will be in between jobs, because my contract will be over. I won't be able to buy a voucher or practice exams until I find a new job.

I just feel frustrated, and I'm not to sure on what I should do.
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    Happened to me some years back while I was preparing for CCNP Security. Completed two of the exams in 2013 and saw the announcement that those exams would expire in 2014. I had two more to go so I just dedicated every free moment I had to completing those exams before the changes were implemented.
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    Well, it depend on how ready you are for those exam and what is the migration plan. Do they retire to be replaced by another certs, if yes if there any migration/update plan ?

    If you are almost ready and able to do the exam before the deadline, do it. In all case Windows 10 will be around for quite a while and the certs will surely keep its value.
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    I suggest banging them out quickly. Since you will be between jobs soon this might help you in your next job search.

    The problem with waiting till the next test is out is that you might not find good study material for a while.

    Good Luck!
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    I'm in the same boat except I've already passed the 698 exam. I've been studying for the 697 and I really want the Windows 10 MCSA cert. As was mentioned, Windows 10 will be around for a while so it will still be valuable. Doesn't make sense for me to quit now that I'm halfway there.
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    What have you guys done in the past when exams retire when you're studying for them?

    Well it's not like they are doing away with Windows 10 certification exams, after all, unless I missed a major news story, there's no Windows 11 yet. The version of the test your studying for may expire, but most of what you studied will be applicable to whenever exam they replace it with. It's not like you were studying for a Windows 7 certification, and they were completely doing away with it because newer version of windows are out.

    The same holds true with the CCNA and CCNP, if your learning and studying the material, instead of just learning what you need to pass the test, kinda like a brain ****, it shouldn't really much that much of a difference what test version you get.
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    Yes, use the news as motivation to get the exams done. Years ago, hearing that CCNA R/S was being updated from IOS v12 to v15 got my butt in gear to finally knock out the CCENT/CCNA certs. I use that learning in my job almost every day, so it was one of the best cert decisions I've ever made.
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