Which one to pick?? Pentest+ OR CEH

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I took the Pentest+ beta (which kicked my arse)...CEH is next week for me.

Here is a new video just uploaded by CompTIA about both...

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    PenTest+ is much more affordable than the CEH and it has practical portions to it. 

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    Yeah, hope to pass CEH, so I can get reimbursed for it through work.  When I took the Pentest+ beta, I really didn't have a solid training resource except CEH material, which didn't have enough info for me to pass it.
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    If those were my only options, I'd probably choose CEH for the market share and name recognition. If I was paying out of pocket and had to choose I'd skip them both.

    My strategy is always to look at job postings for the ideal position and see what the requirements are. Obtaining a cert and then wondering if it will have any ROI is not ideal.
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    CEH is good to fulfill DoD 8570 requirements, but at the price, I would go for CISSP instead.  PenTest+ is still fairly new so it doesn't have the same recognition, other than being part of CompTIA.

    Also keep in mind that CEH has an Exam option and a Practical option, both at the same price.
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    C|EH is listed in a lot of job reqs.....   
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    Are you planning on working in a DoD environment?  If so, then getting the CEH is the shortest path there.  If you just want to learn basic memorization, aka route level learning, then just do the CEH.  If you actually want to learn a little more and have things explained, then I would recommend studying some more for Pentest+.  There are a few books out there now which cover the material used for the exam.  I went through the CEH course back in 2013 and looking back at it, it's good for learning terms, but not much else.  I had a friend of mine show me the "new content" and the labs have not improved.  Still the same "monkey see, monkey do" steps that show you how to install a Windows program...  In addition, when you are given commands to type, they fail at telling you what the command is doing.
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    CySA+ fills all of the same reqs that CEH does now for 8570 as well. No point in wasting your time or money if you are DoD.
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    Yes, from a DDoD 8570 perspective, CySA+ will allow you to avoid taking CEH, but they don't overlap that much in material covered. Neither gets into actual pentesting skills as the PenTest+ does.
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