Passed! What now?

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Hey guys. I has some problems getting my account activated, for some reason none of the emails would ever reach my inbox. Thankfully the webmaster took care of that for me.

I passed my OS Technologies exam today with a score a 756. I passed the Core Hardware exam about 3 weeks ago with 900.

So what next?

I'm assuming Network+ would be a good place to go from here while I'm in the mood. Anyone ever heard of "Microsoft Office Specialist" ? I have read what Microsoft says about it, but what do you guys think? Is it useful other than looking good on a resume?


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    If you want to be an office administrator, you should get the MOS certs, but as long as you know how to use each program, you should be all set. From here, look at where you could go. What do you want to do for a career? Ask yourself as many questions as you can. There are many tracks to follow. You could go:
    A+ --> Network+ -->CCNA --> CCNP --> etc..
    A+ --> Network+ -->MCSA --> MCSE
    A+ --> Network+ -->CWNP
    A+ --> ...... I think you get the picture. One other piece of advice, look at the actual market. What's in demand in your locale? Security is getting big right now. Personally, I plan on obtaining my MCSA, then focusing more on the networking side of IT. I would like to go the Cisco route, but I have a ways to go. Whatever you do choose, be confident, and stay current. Good Luck....
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    Good points Rick.

    In my (small) town I just don't see Cisco being very useful. I think the few IT jobs that are here involve small businesses using Windows OS's on small networks (10-50) which are managed by 1 admin and usually an assistant.

    A+ --> Network+ -->MCSA --> MCSE

    That route looks like the most useful in my situation. What about Security+ or Linux+ in there? I would assume it would be best to fit these in after Network+ and before the MCSA? I already have some Linux experience (managing a webserver) so I don't think Linux+ wouldn't be completely new to me, at least not from the command line.

    Thanks for laying it out that way, that makes it easier to put into perspective!
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    Security+ is definetly good to get right now. I'd like to, but it'll have to wait in line for the right time, like when I can cough up $225 for the exam. Linux+ would be good as well, if you already know some Linux. Server+ is also a good cert if you're doing systems admin. Cisco is the network. It is now, and I believe it will always be in demand. Maybe not where you live right now, but anyone looking at your resume/CV would be impressed to see it, along with the experience. As far as the track you see usefull, try to study from more than one source. There's usually a couple of gaps to fill. I used Mike Myers for A+/Network+, Sybex and Transcender for my MCP. Also, Boson makes a good study. If you can afford, try to set up a mini-lab. It will give you a greater experience actually working with the products. Check out the following link. It has a plethora of information realted to different certifications on the market right now, plus additional links for specific certfication info. Most importantly, don't be a "paper tech". Someone who has every cert, but no real world history. Experience is more important. Get a job, study, and progress as you can. The field isn't going anywhere soon.
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    definatly network+ it is fairly easy. but definatly take a look at what employers want in your area. My town is so small Im not getting any thing
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    My town is so small Im not getting any thing.

    I can relate to that! There are maybe 5-8 IT jobs total in the entire town.... I'm just hoping that when one comes up I'll be able to get some type of IT related job over someone with no experience. I think Linux+ would set me apart and could be useful should there be an opening for it.

    Looks like Network+ will be next for me, then possibly Linux+ and/or Security+.

    I just want to get something to prove the skills I have, and learn some things I thought I knew but really didn't. Just something to get my foot in the door for an IT job and work my way up and keep learning (and training) from there.

    I'm on a roll, in the mood, and willing to spend a little money to knock some things down while I can. icon_cool.gif
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    Good next choice--Net+.

    An A+ and Net+ combination just got me my first job. A big computer rollout to upgrade a huge WAN.

    I've gotten to do a bit of everything as far as upgrade configs, deploy new units, and do orientation with users. A big part is that I've gotten to see such an operation in action--all the personnel and their particular duties--and interact with them all in a very team-like undertaking.

    Well, anyway, take the jobs that you can afford to take for the experience side and get your certs. The certs really do get peoples' attention.

    Yes, keep studying. It pays off in a lot of different ways. Guess I've chosen the road less traveled. Doing Server+(sort of an advanced A+). The study has really opened my eyes to some things that people are doing at work and some of the steps I take in doing my tech job(I don't get to mess around with servers, but occasionally get a few admin duties).

    Everything seems to lead to Security issues. That would be a excellent cert to include, and an area of employment to pursue.

    Best of luck.
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    network+ would be an excellent next exam. it will give good grounding for both microsoft and cisco certification.

    mos does seem like a good idea too. if you get a job in the industry, especially with a firm, it's likely you will have to sort out as many "my icons have disappeared in word" queries as "the network's gone down" queries.
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