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I'm currently working on trying to get my security + certification. I was supposed to take it March 28th, but I pushed it back to May 10th. I have to go to military training next month so I'm hoping I have time to study there. I don't know what to do? I'm having trouble grasping concepts with the practice test. I've read Get certified Get ahead. Everything was going good until I started taking the practice test. Any advice would be helpful. 


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    I think certifications can be overwhelming if you haven't done them before. I've found it helpful to accept that you will feel checked with some practice tests. It's a feeling you get used to. Because the more you do those tests, you'll star seeing patterns in the questions. My advise is repetition. Just keep doing more of what you're doing. Read. Test. Read Test. If you wanted to add some videos into the mix, I've found Professor Messer a great resource on youtube. I ran through his videos back when I was studying for Security+. He breaks down the content well and is also thorough.

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    Thanks for the advice wiredtitan.

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    I think practice tests are meant to gauge your understand of the material. Not, gauge your understanding of how well you might do on an exam. 

    I have failed a practice exam or two in my life and passed the exam. If you understand the material and the exam objectives take the exam. If you don't understand the material and exam objectives don't take the exam. People have passed practice exams and failed the real exam. One of those people being me. But, people on this forum and all over the world have done so as well. So, let your grasp on the material outweigh whatever score you get on a practice exam. 
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    Thank you Mrs.Willams. You have an interesting point of view. I never thought about like that...
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    I am just joining this platform today and went through your conversation. So, have you written the test yet? I am about to take my own securty+ too....I will appreciate any useful information.
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