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Recently visited the ever popular Exam website to sign up for the CISSP Ex-Sim practice exam.
In the past, I could have sworn there was a clear time frame on how long you get access to your practice exam for.
For the $99, do you have all the time you need on the practice exams with your login?



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    edited March 2019
    The duration is 3 years with a 30-day warranty according to the single-user license agreement for $99 ExSim-Max for CISSP (v2018). 

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    Thanks Kaiju!  I didn't dig deep enough for that answer. I asked mainly because it seemed at least a year ago, they only gave you 60-90 days, then you had to purchase exam access again.
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    I actually thought the duration was 30 to 60 days for the $99 kit until I read the SULA. Screen grab for all to see is attached.

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    I created a Boson account to try their CISSP demo. The seven questions I got were fairly simplistic. Is that indicative of the rest of their CISSP test bank or did I just happen to get the easiest questions in my demo?

    I do like their in-depth explanations regarding correct answers. I could see that as possibly being better than a standard study guide. 
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    As long as you study the required material, Boson is a good tool to check your comprehension of the required topics.
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