A layoff and a new six-figure opportunity!



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    Great story and congrats on the new role!! :)
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    That's fantastic! Glad to hear that everything worked out
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    Congratulations on the position! I feel you on the commute, I worked at Cisco in the RTP area and commuted from the other side of Greensboro but Raleigh can be a very good area. Being happy in the role you are in is critical though and it sounds like you found the right opportunity at the right time,. 
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    That's awesome! As a socal local, it's great to see there's still good opportunities out there.
  • SocomSocom Member Posts: 46 ■■■□□□□□□□
    I was laid off recently too, if you don't mind sharing; what experience do you have and what certs did you get?!
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    @rsxwithslicks I actually haven't been in SoCal since late 2015.  I'm currently in the Raleigh area.  When I moved into the new security role (my first) with my old company, I was no longer tied to the local office in San Diego and requested to WFH so we could relocate out here due to COL.

    @Socom I've got about 4.5 years combined in systems administration, helpdesk, and IT support, and (as of now) just over 4 years in security.  My systems background was always JOAT and my security background is now JOAT, but fortunately, I've been able to land roles that built upon that JOATness each time.  No degree but I've got CISSP, GCIH, GSEC, ECIH, ECES, Project+ and a few other lower-level ones (VCA-DCV, MTA, Qualys Certified Professional).  
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    Congrats! This story will definitely help those who are laid off or lacking motivation.
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    Congrats!  Even at a 9-5 job, it's never been safe.  
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    Congrats! Wishing all the best!
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