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I took the CISA today and got a provisional pass page at the end. I was relieved to see the pass notification but will have to wait the 10 days in order to see the actual exam score.

I used the following material to study.

  • ISACA CISA official study guide 27th edition - 1 chapter a week so about 5 1/2 weeks total to read the entire book.

  • ISACA CISA Q&A database - You have the option of testing per domain (which I did) and chose to do the practice exams in 50 question increments until I covered all 1000 questions. I was getting mid 50% to 65% scores mainly because of the way the questions are worded. Some of the questions are so frustrating as they are purposefully created to trick you.

  • cisa  exam  study  dot  com - Hemang Doshi simplifies what is already in the CISA official study guide but i just watched his youtube vids.

  • The exam: Took 2.5 hrs to complete. About 20 or so questions were so obvious to what the answer was and was able to answer them before I even finished reading the question. The majority of the other questions you can pretty much tell which two options are obviously pertinent to answer the question and the other two options you could instantly disregard. For me, I felt the exam questions were easier than the Q&A database. Most of the questions where a sentence in length and very straightforward, meaning there was no confusion or attempt to trick you into choosing the wrong answer.
Hope this helps future test takers!

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