Passed SY0 501 8-20-2020

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Found out their retake policy doesn't make you wait between the 1st and 2nd attempt. Scheduled it for today and passed (with an empty bladder too).

Tools used:
2 years at university w/ classes covering same content/concepts explored in the BoK or scope of Security+ and CISSP
Wiley practice exam text 7th ed.
Professor Messer YouTube videos

Once again, I—for the life of me—don't understand what the exam writers are expecting from the people they're delivering this to. I cannot fathom nor tolerate how these people make money while delivering a self-branded "standard" and "reputable" exam that supposedly benchmarks against the premise that people who waste their time with these exams somehow understand even 50% of the content they're supposed to test for. Look, I get that the actual exams cannot and are not meant to look nor feel like the practice exams but the questions I got during this whole thing were incredibly poorly written and purposely deceptive.

What kind of world do we live in where SAT exams have to actually be rewritten and reformatted because they actually acknowledged their own stuff was improperly created and poorly QA'd but exams like these that aim to do the same thing for a different subject matter cannot?

Oh, and of course I can't list out anything specific because the people who offered me this "opportunity" themselves make sure nobody can effectively critique them without getting into legal trouble.

It's astonishing to me how I'd much rather have someone tell me they passed a practice exam from one of these 3rd party publishers rather than the actual exam.

Utter BS. These people are thieves. Just because you can rig your exam to make it consist of nit-picked and out of scope questions presented in a manner that is obviously not even from the perspective of the field its intending to rep for is ridiculous.

If you're reading this and you've looked over Professor Messer's channel content and feel comfortable with it—congrats! I dub you smarter than me before I decided to take this exam even with the knowledge I had then... which was the same. (and I have a degree!)

CompTIA can bite me.


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    Did you pay for another retake or use the free retake that came with your original voucher?
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    Well said. I couldn't agree with you more. 

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