problem with window 2003 server

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does any one have any idea how to solve this problem, i have server 2003 set up with 2 xp client computer, user and computer are all connected it was working fine until now i cant use the shred file on the server from the client meachine icon_cry.gif , ive checked all the permission n everything is fine, when i try to check on the shared folder it doent allow me from client computer is says "u dont have permision" and also the client computer is offline doent sycronise with the server....HELP!!!


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    Can you ping the server?? If you cant syncronize, many network functions will be disabled (such as printing etc) even though you are physically connected to the server network. I have come across many XP computers where the offline cache becomes corrupt and prevents syncing. In explorer try tools, folder options, off line files. Hold down shift and cntrl and click on delete files (also helps looking north). This will reset the offline cache and after a reboot should allow the PC to sync. Then try and access the network shares. Hope this helps
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    i can ping the server, it doent recognise any of the user even if i creat a new user.....
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    have you ever tried taking the ownership and resetting the permisson?
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