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I just finished another practice exercise tonite to prepare for the exam soon. However, there was a question really confusing me. The question is from the Microsoft Self-paced mesaure-up.

You are logged on as a member of Domain Admins for the domain at a computer running Microsoft Windows Server 2003. You need to reset computer account 2003DC. 2003DC is a domain controller for the domain and is located at the Servers OU.

Which of the following commands will accompish this?
A. dsmod computer cn=2003DC,ou=Servers,dc=contoso,dc=com -reset
B. dsmod computer dc=com,dc=contoso,ou=servers,cn=2003DC -reset
C. dsget computer dc=com,dc=contoso,ou=servers,cn=2003DC -reset
D. dsget computer cn=2003DC,ou=Servers,dc=contoso,dc=com -reset

The answer from this practice exercise is
A. dsmod computer cn=2003DC,ou=Servers,dc=contoso,dc=com -reset

My main question is, Don't we use netdom to reset domain controller??? Isn't the netdom only way to reset domain controller??? Don't we use dsmod to reset normal computer accounts?

I am confused now.........
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    I believe netdom is used to reset the administrator account password on a domain controller, not the computer account itself.
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    Actually, quite the opposite. Netdom is actually used to reset a computer account password (Computer accounts have passwords just as user accounts do). We just don't have a level of control over computer passwords as we do with user passwords. You use the computer management console to reset user passwords.
    NETDOM RESETPWD Resets the machine account password for the domain controller
    on which this command is run. Currently there is no support for resetting
    the machine password of a remote machine or a member server. All parameters
    must be specified.

    Also, as a response to the original post, -reset isn't even a switch available for dsget computer.
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