Passed with a 771!

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Yes!, I am so glad to actually finish up this exam( I took longer than I really wanted to , to take it. but thats another story ).

I used MSpress and Transcender( great product btw ). Up next is 70-291 and CCNA intro, am I crazy or has anyone studied for both of these at the same time? lol


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    I've been flipping through my 291 book and if you understand the networking stuff from the CCNA, you will really have a good start. I don't think I would want to study them both at the same time though. Cisco tests are a whole different beast.

    Congrats by the way.
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    Congratulations on the pass. I don't know if taking a Cisco and a Microsoft exam at the same time is a good idea, but best of luck on both tests, and let us know if you've got any of those four-letter certs, when you're done.

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    Congratulations on your pass. I would advise you to focus on one exam at a time. One step at a time is usually a good thing. In this case it is. CCNA knowledge won't help much in 291. The only topic that both CCNA and 291 has, is subnetting and some routing concepts. The routing standards such as RIP and OSPF have been modified by Microsoft for their RRAS. Also, the 291 MSpress book mixed in with CBT Nuggets should teach you subnetting pretty well. Also, if you need any help with subnetting, you always have us to ask. I'm always willing to help people learn subnetting. Good luck on whatever you decide.
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    Congrats on the pass. And I have to agree with the others, I think it may be best to complete one of the exams before preparing for the other. Of course, no two people are alike, and your results may be different than mine, but I would have a hard time preparing for the CCNA and 291 at the same time.
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