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Does the blackberry use active sync with outlook for email/calender or does it have its own software to do this?



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    To my knowledge active synch is for windows mobile, blackberry's dont use windows mobile
  • sharptechsharptech Member Posts: 492
    Alright - I was not sure what Blackberry ran - anyone know how to sync outlook calander/contacts w/ a blackberry?
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    There is software that you get from your blackberry provider to do this.
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  • sharptechsharptech Member Posts: 492
    Sounds good - thanks!
  • drcnetdrcnet Member Posts: 3 ■□□□□□□□□□
    The software is call Blackbery Desktop Manager. This is used to sync and send mail to the Blackberry and it runs locally on the PC. Blackberry also offers a server version call BES (Blackberry Enterprise Server). This does all of the sending and forwarding mail instead of having to run it locally on the users desktop. If you run it locally the user has to leave the PC on to redirect mail. There is also an web based email redirector for the Blackberrry.
  • RTmarcRTmarc Member Posts: 1,082 ■■■□□□□□□□
    If you use a BES or BESE in conjunction with Exchange or Notes, the blackberry will wirelessly sync with your email, calender, address book, notes, and tasks. We use a BESE-Exchange setup in the company I work for and it works flawlessly.

    If use a BES or BESE, you won't even need to load any local software. It works at the server level so it will be one less application/workstation to worry about.
  • keatronkeatron Security Tinkerer Member Posts: 1,213 ■■■■■■□□□□
    Probably one of the greatest innovations of this century is the "push" technology. My emails arrive at my blackberry before they get to my laptop inbox.

    As already pointed out, the Blackberry Desktop Manager works like a charm. I usually only sync my calender and contacts.
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    drcnet wrote:
    The software is call Blackbery Desktop Manager. This is used to sync and send mail to the Blackberry and it runs locally on the PC.

    To be more correct, the application that actually syncs through the Desktop Manager is called Intellisync. Intellisync is a seperate application that all the PDA devices uses for manual synchronization.
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