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Hello! Currently I am a software tester and have been since I received my ASS in Computer Science, I would much rather program but at the time this is the only decent job I could find in my area with no "real-world" experience.

I believe that if I had a cert it would help me get a programming job even though I have no "real-world" experience, do any of you believe this??

My question is, I have never programmed in VS 2005 or with .NET 2.0, I have always used VS2003 and .NET 1.0, so should I study for the MCAD or the MCPD??

Thank you for the input!!


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    First of all, a lot of programmers begin as software testers. In fact, many companies will start every experienced programmer hired in the quality assurance or tech support departments before promoting them to development positions. This is the best way of both learning the products and gaining an empathy with the regular testers and tech support crew, skills which are often lacking in many programmers.

    There are many threads in this forum that mention MCSD vs. MCPD. As I have stated in each of those threads, unless you earn a living by working on legacy .NET 1.x code, you should look to .NET 2.0, Visual Studio 2005, and the MCTS and MCPD certifications.

    And to get hired as a programmer, you will eventually need a Bachelors degree. It doesn't need to be in CS or EE, but I'd recommend either of those majors. I really you recommend starting a B.S. degree program ASAP, and not putting it off to "just work for a couple of years." You will only be in a school a short time, but you will be working nearly rest of your life.
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    Thank you for the reply...

    Here at work we are just now switching to VS 2005, it will take a few months. Im just not sure what other companies around me are doing. It does sound like MCPD is the way to go though.

    As for my BS that is not possible right now, I do not have the extra cash (work will reimburst me if I pass the exams), and I just had a baby. I do want to get the BS however, I did get a job first right after college, when i should have just continued but...

    Again thank you!
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    It looks like you should only be thinking about .NET 2.x and beyond. .NET 1.x is now three years old, and no business should start a new project using Visual Studio 2003. Have a look at the MCTS and MCPD certification requirements at:

    Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS)

    Microsoft Certified Professional Developer (MCPD)
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    Yes I just ordered the books for the MCTS - NET Framework 2.0 Web Applications - so I can get started on those soon! Thanks so much for the input!
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