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ello guys,

Right looking to my final last couple of weeks before the written (security). anyone have any personal favourites as far as Test Questions/Exams go?

Did have the Bosons for a while but didnt want to do too many of the questions before reading the material first - licence now run out for those but were more harder (and probably closer to the real thing) than the rubbishy questions in the study guides. Dont know whether to renew them or go with something else.......

Any ideas??? icon_rolleyes.gif



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    I used the CCIE Security Exam Certification Guide, 2nd Edition. The test engine has the 195 questions from the book and 542 more on the CD.... for a total of 737 questions.
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    yeah got that study guide and have run through the questions on the CD and in the book and thought they were a tad sttraight forward (even if quite a number of the Q's in the test simulator are wrong or flawed!)

    Had the bosons for a while and these where a good level above the Benjamin book. I thought these would be the kind of level id be looking at

    Did you find the Benjamin book to be of a simial level to the real thing??

    Maybe some of this stuff is actually sinking in and the concepts and facts make it all look a bit easier


    ....just dont want to do what I did with the CCNA years back - studied my arse off and put the exam off for months and months to find when I took it, it was a breeze and had the lot finished in 20 minutes or so!


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    I posted my Security Written experience in this thread -- if you haven't seen it, it may be useful.

    I'm still trying to figure out why we get the mark & review option in CCIE Written exams. icon_eek.gif
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    Hi thanks mate - great thread.

    I'm kind of worried about the CCSP portion of it. I had the CCNA / NP under my belt but the thought of doing a whole new set if exams for the CCSP just put me right off. So hell straight on with IE Sec.

    Well back to the books - i'll update you all on the results when it happens

    jimjamuk icon_confused.gif
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