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Hi guys (and gal's)

I will be taking my A+ OS exam later next month, so i want to get as much revision (That is relevant) to the exam as possible in. The problem i see is that they want you to memorise Paths to certain places, which i think is pretty unfair since if you were actually working with the software you could (well, i could) easily navigate to where it wants me to go.

I am doing the older version (220 - 302) which will finnish later this year (Im in the UK)

I have checked whats on your site, but compared to the A+ hardware notes, i cant see much apart from "upgrading" notes.

If you know of any exam software or links it would be worth me revising let me know, i really need the help! (BTW, i have used all the OS/s that it requires you to use) but that doesnt mean i can remember everything like i have a picture memory! lol.
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    I took the OS test last year, the objectives have changed slightly since I took it. I noticed a good portion of the test was tech support (such as troubleshooting problems in the office or over the phone). Was thrown a curve with Laser Printing questions (3 or 4 of them covering printing process). Definately learn boot process of 95/98/ME vs. 2K/XP like the back of your hand. I scored a 718 on this test if I remember right, wasnt as bad as I thought it would be.
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    I just took this test last week. I would say just use each OS as much as possible while studying the objectives. If you have a decent amount of time using each OS, narrowing down the answers shouldn't be a problem.
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    I personally felt the OS portion was much easier, maybe its because of the exposure and the tech support i did during that time. the test does ask some obscure random things but, all in all it wasn't bad if you put time into studying it you shouldn't have problems
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    I'm hopeful by this point you have downloaded the Objectives. Check out the TechNotes and Practice Exams on this site. Post any questions in the forums.
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    Thyanx guys, i really appreciate the responses. I got the objectives when i started the course, ill check em again just in case.

    Hopefully when i post again it will be that im A+ certified.

    Then its on to the Network+ (Which i will probably find easier to revise!)
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    I take my OS test on the 17th and I am worried because there are a lot of things like the ntldr.sys, boot.ini, msdos.sys, config.sys and autoexec.bat that I just don't feel comfortable with. I think I will pass but really would like to feel a little more comfortable about it ya know?
    I passed H/W test awhile back but I consider myself better at the OS side, but who knows.
    Any experiences with this that someone would like to share?
    Its crazy because I have been doing IT Admin for 11 years and am just now getting my certs.
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