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Did anybody use the Train Signal videos to study for the Network + exam?


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    I "came" across a copy on the newsgroups, it assumes that you know a bit already.
    I now prefer written material
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    I enjoyed the TrainSignal videos, but I think that CBT Nuggets would be a better place to start if you're just starting out with your Network+ studies, along with a couple of good books to read through. I can also recommend TestOut to give you both video tutoring and some lab-work in order to give you some experience. (Of course, don't replace labs with actual, hands-on experience: nothing beats actually messing with cables, switches, and routers when you're practicing for the test.)

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    xuxujoli77 wrote:
    Did anybody use the Train Signal videos to study for the Network + exam?

    I'm using the Train Signal Network+ videos now along with the study material from this site. Going to take the exam a month from today. icon_cool.gif

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