Passed Network+ Today

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I passed my Network+ today with a 734/900. I am not sure what percentage that works out to since the scale goes from 100-900. If anyone has done the math, let me know. The best I can tell from the sheet is that I missed 8 questions out of 85, but I am not sure.

icon_redface.gif I have to admit that didn't study much for this exam, since so much of it is experienced based. The only resource that I used was the Network+ guide to Networks, 4th ed. by Tamara Dean which I read through once and just used to brush up on some of the Novell questions and networking cabling, connectors, and standards. I also used the tech notes and practice questions on this site.

I guess if I studied as hard for this exam as I did for the MS exams, I would have scored better. I went into the exam confident, but a few curve balls in the first few questions around Macs, novell, fiber optic, and coax (all my weakest subjects) quickly humbled me and brought me back down to earth. I figured I could miss 15 and still pass and checked the questions that I wasn't sure about. At the end of the exam, I was relieved that I only checked 14 for review and changed 1. I thought that I would be more jazzed about passing, but I think I am just relieved to have another exam out of the way, since it's been over 4 months since I took my last exam (70-270) towards my MCSA.

One more to go. I know I am going to need to schedule The Beast (70-291) in advance, or I am going to end up putting it off until I don't know when. My wife asked me to wait until she was done with school in April before I pick a date (since she is a full time student and we have a new baby). So, at this point it is looking like mid to late June before I take the 70-291, but I'll schedule it in late April, so at least I'll have the motivation to study.

The questions seem to cover just about every subject that I have seen and was not heavy on any particular subject. For as much as I would have loved more TCP/IP and UNIX questions, I thought it was a really well balanced exam.
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    Congrats! :D
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    Congratulations! icon_thumright.gif
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    Congrats!!! icon_cheers.gif
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    Congratulations on the pass!

    Good luck on the M$ exam track!
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    congratulations and well done :D
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    Congrats!! Great job!
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