Dynamips HELP!!

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I tried installing and it's just not working ??

****Error: Could not connect to server: xplt


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    Um... is your PC plugged in? Did you start a dynamips instance?

    You might want to give a little more information.... what version of Dynamips -- the last release? Or a release candidate that may have bugs? Did you check the Dynamips blog?

    What's your command line to start your Dynamips instance?

    If you have XP or Linux have you considered starting with Dynagen (which includes Dynamips) and has a nice tutorial and some pre-built labs and is a heck of a lot easier to get running.
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  • jasonzwsajasonzwsa Member Posts: 8 ■□□□□□□□□□
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    jasonzwsa wrote:
    I already saw it, quite good one !
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    mikej412 wrote:
    Um... is your PC plugged in?

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    I threw Ubuntu on a spare Optiplex I had laying around and installed the Dynamips/Dynagen/Dynagui combo yesterday. I like Dynagui's interface, it's very intuitive and makes using Dynagen/Dynamips a breeze. Check it out. It works for windows as well.
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    Hi, I'm new to Dynamips and am thrilled to have access to some of the newer IOS images that I am eligible to download but that won't run on my aging routers. I'll be replacing them soon with new ISR's, but not in time to get the hands-on experience needed to pass my CCSP exams, so Dynamips is great. However, I've got a very simple lab set up with two 7200 routers with advanced security features so I can get SDM experience. It is PAINFULLY slow. I've got the setup running on a dedicated Windows 2000 server with 1GB of RAM and dual P3 1GHz processors. I would think that would be good enough considering the server's not doing anything else. Task Mgr reports 500MB of RAM being used and about 50% CPU on average, but connecting to the routers remotely via https SDM is so freakin' SLOW. Do any of you experienced Dynamips users have any ideas? I've set the idlepc setting and that knocked the CPU use down to 50% from 100%, so I don't think that's the problem. If anyone has any ideas, please let me know. Would running simpler routers with smaller IOS images like 2800's speed things up?

    EDIT: running SDM locally from the same machine that Dynamips/dynagen are running on doesn't speed things up at all...

    Thanks in advance - Chris
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    At school we got P4 3,2Ghz with 1Gb RAM, and running 2-3 3660 and SDM on them is pretty slow, so I could just imagine how slow it'll be on your computer ;/. But maybe you should try 3660/2800 or something smaller than a 7200.

    At home on my C2D it works like a charm though :]
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    I dont know about you guys but i think dynamips has the potential to become the next big thing
    in cisco training but then agian you know if they get big enough cisco will take them as a threat lol...

    But i would love to see a few things done to it such as like a GUI and a network visualizer.

    Kinda like taking dynamips and turning it into a "CCIE Accessor" lab.

    Would be nice if it could support about 10-12 devices as well + switches on a dualcore 3.2Ghz CPU.

    No one would have to worry about buying equipment any more, just setup a virtual lab with
    about 10-12 Cisco 3725's and 2x 3550's and 2x 3560's then you'd have it made for a CCIE Rack.
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    I can support up to 12 routers and a FR switch, i use 2 routers as layer 3 switches with the NM-16ESW card.So i can reproduce a ccie lab.It does lack some switching and qos features but it works great for the core routing.Maybe you havent tries changing the instance using [localhost:7201] , if i just use one instance i thing i could get maximum 7 routers on the go.
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