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anybody come across backweb?

i had a look at the computer of my daughter's boyfriend the other night, and ran spybot s&d, but refused to delete it as it said packard bell (the barnd of computer) and the other big clone makers use it, as it makes updating drivers, etc easier. the o/s is xp.

after running chkdsk and defrag, the computer was still slow and gave no option of where to disconnect from the internet when online.

i did a search on backweb and got an instant distrust for it. it seems to be a nice gateway for intruders and a resource hog to boot. it looked like the computer just need to free some resources.

i fired up msconfig and removed smart link from start up. i switched off virtual memory and defragged again. the computer answered commands a little faster - i mean, when i right click a hdd or right click my computer i expect instant or near-instant responce.

eventually i got the norton a/v subsription is out-of-date message. another resource hog, i thought. so in uninstalls it, back up with spybot and remove ALL items except those referring to m$ works, and the system is much more spritely.

still slow mind. thought about removing norton firewall. maybe next time.

i blame the whole thing on backweb. anybody else come across it?
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