I want to buy hardware for CCSP please give recommendations.

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Hi guys i have just passed by CCNA and going for CCSP now. I know for CCSP it's best to work with actual hardware so i need some recommendation of getting the appropriate hardware for hands-on experience.

Could current CCSP holders and current takers enlighten me on the best equipment to buy, particular model i.e. Pix 501 e.t.c. and whether it is sufficient to cover CCSP.

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    Here's a list from Cisco as to what you'll need to pass the CCIE Security lab which is more than applicable to the CCSP. Now some of the newer items like MARS, Cisco NAC, and ASA security appliances will be much more expensive.


    On the routers and switches, I would really consider getting a CCNP-level lab which covers router IOS 12.4 (3640, 2610XM, 1841), and switches running IOS 12.2 (3550, 2950) for QoS and L3 switching.

    Most of the CCSP stuff sold on Ebay cheaply from what I've seen doesn't cover the CCIE Security IOS requirements which is something to think about. Many here have recommended paying racktime for CCSP/CCIE which is actually very intelligent.
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    >>> http://www.cisco.com/web/learning/le3/ccie/security/lab_equipment.html

    The link you quoted above is very useful, thanks heaps.

    And i have seen quite a few people post about this "paying racktime" thing. I am quote new to this term, could you elaborate on how this "paying racktime" racktime works ?

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    pwedmund wrote:
    And i have seen quite a few people post about this "paying racktime" thing.

    Check out this thread

    Even though we are talking CCSP, the equipment for the CCIE Security will work -- which means the "Rack Rental" from the major CCIE Workbook Vendors will have more than you need for the individual exams. Its still cheaper than buying all the equipment if you plan your study right.

    In that thread I mentioned

    You could also check the prices vs time slot availability vs time slot length of

    There are also Rack Rental providers that support multiple vendor topologies -- but I don't have those names handy right now -- the only one I can remember right now is
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    You can pick up cheap switches on Ebay (2924s are plentiful and running the latest images will let you handle the switch aspects of the SNRS, aswell as provide the interconnectivity you might need for other lab equipment). You can also virtualize quite a lot of hardware these days too and as long as you have access to the images you can run Dynamips (Router emulator) and PEMU (PIX). That leaves the VPN3k and IDS/IPS for you to find rental time on. Of the list I'd say having access to a PIX of some sort is the single most important thing, so if you can do no other get a real or virtual PIX to play with.
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    Dear mikej412 and Ahriakin,

    Thanks for your input regarding paying rack time. I have seen the post from Ahriakin paying for his first rack time from http://www.ccbootcamp.com/, Ahriakin since you have tried rack time, is it enuff to just using rack time to play with cisco device or is it worth buying the actual equipments?

    Anyway i had a look at http://ccbootcamp.com/ and correct me if i'm wrong, once i pay for 6 hours rack time i can VNC or remote into a PC where i have telnet & web access to their cisco devices ie. switches, routers etc.

    Why does some packages in http://ccbootcamp.com/ have the same number of device but are more expensive?

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    For pure study rack time is fine, real devices would give you some training on the physical layout and number of interfaces etc. but imho this is negligible and nothing you can't gain within 5 minutes of looking at the hardware descriptions in the guides. The meat of your work and learning is in the user-interfaces and functions, which you'd be handling remotely anyway on real equipment (unless you have some love of the console cable)

    For normal access to ccbootcamp's racks you will telnet to a remote-access server running on a Cisco router. So you'll see your typical command prompt, all that will let you do is reverse telnet to the other devices (functions exactly like telnet'ing from your own system) so make sure you know how to connect/view/switch/terminate telnet sessions made FROM a cisco router, which you should have from your CCNA. For GUI access they do provide VNC and standard RDP access to a windows server so no worries there. Also for more advanced studies be prepared to do some work on Vlans etc. to segment traffic it's the closest you can come to rewiring the remote switches (the one big advantage equipment has if you are doing multi-device labs).
    We responded to the Year 2000 issue with "Y2K" solutions...isn't this the kind of thinking that got us into trouble in the first place?
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    Great, from what you say i'll be able to telnet in their main cisco router in that particular rack(consisit of multi cisco devices) and from that router i can then telnet into other cisco devices.

    I still have my ciscopress books for ICND and INTRO for CCNA and should be able to dig out how to suspend, use, terminate e.t.c. if i really forget how to use them.

    Having GUI access via VNC, rdp or VPN sound very good too. I'll give http://www.ccbootcamp.com/ a go once i bought my books for 642-552.

    Thanks again for your advise Ahriakin, mikej412 & charlottebandito, rack time seems to be the sensible way to go if you don't have the cash to spend on those expensive high-end cisco devices and those from ebay might not have the corrent IOS version anyway.

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