Failed ICND

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With 837. Not happy with the questions, at least 1 must have been faulty. Does Cisco actually look at the comments you are able to leave? A few were obviously INTRO material, not sure why they were on there. Lots of detailed EIGRP questions, which I need to brush up on.

Passing INTRO so easily gave me a false sense of security on this one.


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    at least you have an idea of what to expect now. Don't wait too long to take it again. I personally would recommend studying for the next 5 days hard, and take it again as soon as your able to, on that 6th day when the time limit runs out.
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    It's understood that if you're taking the ICND that material also covers the INTRO. You can't really get by without the INTRO knowledge. That's a great pitfall of the two-test route, and I noticed it greatly when I took it. I felt that there was an excessive amount of INTRO material on the ICND exam myself, but after reflecting on it, I realized that the INTRO comes before the ICND for a reason. Taking the two test route isn't a free pass to forget the INTRO material once you've passed it.
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    Keep your chin up, brush up on material you were weak on and take it again. I think I would have passed my test last week but the test either never got sent or was corrupted so I'm taking the ICND again next Friday myself. I was suprised myself at the questions, I expected them to be much more in depth than they were.
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    Yeah I'm going to take ICND again on Saturday as well . I'm beginning to have a love/hate relationship with Cisco. One thing I can say about failing this damn cisco exams though, is believe it or not I'm really learning it. When I took my first cisco test I didn't even know how to change the hostname on a router, now I feel I can at least do Basic CCNA stuff. Keep studying and I'm sure you'll pass
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    benbuiltpc wrote:
    Passing INTRO so easily gave me a false sense of security on this one.
    I experienced the same false sense of security for a few days after Intro. I told myself that I'd take two weeks to continue to study for the ICND before taking it. In those two weeks I realized how much I had not learned in the first wave of study. Ended up covering almost all ICND material a second time before taking the exam.
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