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Server 2000 is deployed, it automatically sets workstations to use the server as an internet proxy because you would be expected to use the Proxy Server built into SBS 2000. However, in most installations a NAT router is used instead. Unfortunately, SBS2000 will still occasionally set the workstations to use the server as a proxy, preventing access to the internet Although this can be manually corrected on each workstation by removing the proxy settings in Internet Explorer, what is the best way to fix this issue permanently?



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    Group Policy.

    User Configuration>Windows Settings>Internet Explorer Maintenance>Connection>>>Proxy Settings
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    When you create the user accounts, see if it is adding a logon script. Check the script to see what it is doing, that is how the setting my be getting added to the user profiles.

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    Thank you dear, I was thinking to write some sort of script!
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