Juniper Route Table Question

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Good day everyone.

While our WANs/Infrastructure is not my responsiblity, I noticed an issue today while testing the routing in one of our remote offices.

The office has 2 ISP connections (one PPPoE and one Static IP). We have a Juniper-NS5GT located there. The PPPoE connection is used for the VPN tunnel back to us. Web traffic is supposed to go over the other connection. The problem is, all traffic is going over the PPPoE connection!!

The cause is the routing table. There are two default routes, one entered when I set the default gateway of our static IP, and one that gets entered by the PPPoE assignment. In the route table the PPPoE default route is higher on the list. They both have the same metric etc. as they are not set by me manually configuring the route table. I need to "move up" the one route, or set a higher cost to the PPPoE route.

Any ideas? Sorry this is so long!



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    hi theseman,

    while i'm not in front of the console,
    but maybe you can check your DNS setting pointing your intranet web server.
    and your static route for remote site - you have to create policy directing the traffic.
    because if set the static IP's metric higher than the PPPoE - all of your packet will go to your static - this will not be exactly what you want :)

    the More I know, that is more and More I dont know.
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    Sorry should have been more clear.

    Desired routing for remote office Netscreen:

    --All VPN traffic (intranet, mail, etc.) leaves the PPPoE interface (Eth1) (happening now, as per the policy settings)
    --All other traffic leaves the Static IP interface (Eth2). (arggh not happening)

    Right now there are two default routes (one corresponding to each interface). The Eth1 route is set by the PPPoE connection, and the Eth2 route gets entered when I set the default gateway for the interface. They are not routes that I have "created" per say using static routing. DNS is not a problem for us.

    Hopefully this clears this up!

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