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Hi guys,

I'm preparing for the intro exam at the moment and have started to go over some subnetting but am stuck on deciding which method to concentrate on using, I know everbody has their own way of doing this but which one do you guys feel is the quickest and most efficient? There are two methods I know of, one is using block sizes as explained in the Sybex book from Todd Lammle or the other is the binary conversion method. At the moment I feel comfortable converting a Class C ip address into binary to determine a broadcast address for example but feel the conversion process may take longer as I move onto Class B and A.


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    Using the block sizes is easier to do, plus you will be able to do it faster in your head. Knowing the broadcast address is as easy as determining the next network.
    On to MCSA 2003.
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    I'm in the same boat as you. I love the block size method by Sybex for class C addresses. But the method confuses me for class A and B. I end up converting to binary for Class A and B....and its really hectic. I'd like one system! lol
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    Yeh I know how you feel stotic, I'm still trying to get my head around the Classes B and A using the block sizes so guess its back to the books for a few more hours until it clicks lol
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