I killed The Beast !!!!

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It was a hard fight for me, until my last breath, I was fighting and finally after 3 hours, I killed "The Beast", when I left, it was a bloody place. icon_cool.gif

Score: 840/1000
Sim: 3 (DHCP,DNS, and AD sim)
Questions: 46 (including the sim)
Duration: 210 min (+ 30min because I'm French and I took it in US version)

Traigning: MS press, Transcender (very Helpfull) and my ow Lab at home.

Now, you can say Hello to a new MCSA: Messaging :P


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    Congrats! I'm still confused with "Delegating a Domain"
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    Congrats, thanks for posting the details :)

    Impressive that you took the English version and still came out with a decent score! icon_thumright.gif
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    congrats :D
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    Lolzzzz you sound like a story teller very dramatic, anyway congratulations
    with the pass, so tell us what's next??????????????????????????
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