Passed Security+ What should I do next?

I took a course (which I wouldn't take again) that was for A+ Network+ Security+ MCP and CCNA, about a year ago, and I made it a point to get all the certs that the course offered. Now that I passed Security + I'm not sure what to do next. Should I do the MCSA/MCSE or CCDA/CCNP. I don't really care for the MS certs anymore but I see that companies like to have people that know system and network administration so I was thinking about just taking it since I only need to take 4 tests total to get the MCSE 2003 (by the way does anyone know when this expires?) let me know what you think. I'm getting married next month so I'm going to take a break until october but I would like to get one last cert in before I go back to school in the spring.


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    Do you have a job yet?
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    Yes I'm a network engineer working for a government contractor. The job is fulltime but it's not paying me what I want, so part of the reason for me getting my certs is so I can demand more money, or at least make myself more marketable so I can ask for more. I'm just not sure what cert I should do next
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