Getting around with 2509/2511

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I have just setup my 2509 terminal server and it works great but I wanted to know how do you guys navigate between routers?

I am currently connecting to R1 then Ctrl Shift 6 x back to 2509 then I have to clear the line on R2 that I came in on before.

There must be a slicker way of doing it than that - I can't imagine what it will be like with 8 routers.

I am currently consoled to the 2509 will telnetting make any difference?

thanks guys - its the easy stuff thats always the hardest..

Am I mad to give up my life to get this CCIE thing..?


  • srgsrg Member Posts: 140
    I usually set up an IP on the terminal server, then use a few puttys and telnet to the terminal servers ip and ports 2001, 2002, 2003 etc, to get to the other devices connected to the terminal server.
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    you don't need to clear the line, it maintains an open session so if you telnet to line 1 (2001), ctrl shift 6 x out then telnet line 2 (2002) then ctrl shift 6 x out you can go back to line 1 by typing 1 and hitting enter at the term server console
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