Another Sec+ pass (Tues 23rd oct)

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Just another poster to join the fray.

Passed Security+ on Tuesday (23rd Oct) with 847/900
(Maybe could've scored more, but we had a death in the family on the previous weekend, but was determined not to reschedule). Still, it's a pass, and that is what's important :)

As the previous posted mentioned, half way through I really had it in my head that I was heading for a fail, as it seemed I was marking more for review than actually answering. I had most of the more taxing questions in the first half (thanks question randomiser...)

Resources used -
Security+ ExamCram2.
Preplogic Practice Exams.
Real world experience !

The exam result seemed to parallel what I was scoring in all the practice tests, so I guess it's all pretty relevant to the exam.

Not sure if I was unluckly, but the exam seemed to focus alot on both PKI and access types (DAC etc).
Finished after 100 minutes, so spent the rest of the time reviewing the test.

Onwards and ever upwards...A+ in November, then either MCSE Security (using Comptia as electives). or SSCP/CISSP.
I come from a mainly Unix/Networking environment, but oddly have never been asked for certs - just able to prove what I know in interviews. Still, nothing like having certs to prove it on paper.

Hope this helps other examinees.


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