Passed Sec+ today

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Studied on and off for 4 months. Started my studies w/ Testout software then moved to the Sybex text, ExamCram2 text (a measureup CD was included w/ practice questions), and the TechNotes. Once I was passing all of those practice tests, I took the Transcender practice tests until I was passing them easily.

I was really nervous about half way through the exam that I wasn't going to pass. I went through every question twice to make sure I was reading the questions correctly, I think this helped a lot.

Score: 830

Very pleased. Thanks to the Technotes author, great info.

Next up? not 100% sure, probably Linux+ or Server+ just because I like the idea of getting these CompTIA certs out of the way and not worrying about them ever again.


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    Congratulations on the pass, that's definitely a score to be proud of. Good luck on the next exam, whichever you choose to go for.

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    congrats mate !!! :)
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    congrats icon_cool.gif
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    Great Congrats, I am taking security+ next week.
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    congrats. I studied for that test for a while too. I got the same score too :)
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