Security+ , Really worth it?

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I have the A+ test, and at the time i took it, and passed it, i felt great.. but shortly after trying to find a job.. and talking to other elitist IT turbonerds, it made me feel like I didn't do much of anything.

Anyway.. the A+ seems to really get you in the door with anything IT related by proving you can do some technical work on windows machines and general intel PC's.

The security+ seems much more focused than that, and I would like to get more into security someday dealing with firewalls, asa's, etc.

Long story short, is the security+ really worth it? Other than self satisfaction, what benefits have you security+ people seen? Did it help you get a job? did it impress your friends? did it get you a girlfriend/boyfriend? Most importantly, did it help you in your life/job? Do employers really look for security+ or are they looking for more like the CCSP or CEH type stuff.

I guess i ask because the price is around $200 or so which is pretty standard (im sure its more expensive, it was a ballpark).


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    I think it is. You can apply it towards your MCSE. Also, I feel like it compliments your other certs. It shows that you have that skillset and also you're security minded.
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    I think Security+ is good to have and as jimmy said it does count toward MCSE. I passed Sec+ about 8 or 9 months ago and it hasn't really done much for me other than fullfilling an elective requirement for MCSE. I have seen it listed in job descriptions but not nearly as much as A+ and Net+. In my opinion if you want to obtain another cert that will impress IT people and employers continue on the Cisco track with CCNP and/or go for MCSA/MCSE.
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    It didn't get me anything in the way of a pay rise, but then again even passing something like the CCIE or CISSP wouldn't at my current employer icon_eek.gif

    I certainly DONT regret doing this one though. At long last, security is starting to be taken seriously and I'd recommend the Security+ cert/material to anyone who works in IT. Yes, it's an 'entry level' CompTIA certification and it doesn't go into great depth, but it gives you some good foundation knowledge and will hopefully get you thinking about security in your day to day role.

    Sure, I haven't found many job ads in the UK that state 'Security+' in the spec, but If i saw this on a cv complementing other vendor certifications I'd personally look on it favourably.

    I agree though, the cost of the exam is excessive but
    a) you don't have to recertify once you pass it
    b) if you're tight with money like me, it'll make you study that extra bit harder to guarantee a pass first time icon_wink.gif

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    I think the Security+ is good to have to show potential employers that you are security-minded. It sets you apart from those with A+ and/or Network+, although all of those combined are probably the best. If you want to get a job specifically related to Security, though, I don't think it would help much. They seem to want you to have the CISSP for that. It didn't result in a pay raise for me but I wasn't expecting it to.
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    If you plan on joining a company that happens to do work for the government (ie: ITT Systems, Lockheed, etc...) many of those positions will actually require it. If you look up DOD 8570 compliance on google there's sites that will show you what certs are required for the different technical level positions. Currently I'm working for ITT Systems as a tech control facility technician which doesn't require any 8570 compliance, but the network administrators that work with us have to meet technical level II 8570 requirements.
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    Dude. Don't ever let any of those IT "Turbonerds" get you down about certifications. It only increases your marketability as an individual and keeps you sharp as a tack. The reason why they said that is because they believe that experience is what really matters. They are half right. Experience matters a whole hell of a lot when you are faced with an issue like a server crash. I've heard the "Certifications only get you past HR and then if you don't know what your doing your screwed." At least that is what I hear constantly from the guys higher up than me at my job. Certifications may get you past HR and raise what is expected of you at work but they are so worth it to learn new things and keep up with the way the world of IT is going. Get your certs dude and dont let anyone lead you to believe it is a waste of time trying to do better for yourself! :P
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    Yay for threads from 4 years ago!
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    When I was looking for a Network Ops Center position, I got hired because I had both CCNA and CompTIA Security+. Keep in mind, this was at Cisco Partner and the NOC was security centric. This certification will benefit you regardless of what you decide since this certification has good weight in both private and government sector.
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