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The equipment I'm using is 2 2610XM's and 2 1760's running 12.4

Id like one 2610 to act as the hub with the others connecting to it. Don't know if it'd be best to use T1 interface cards or WIC-1T cards with an NM-8A/S card in the middle router.

Whatever works best is what I'm trying to find out, and see what's best for my lab setup.

And what's the difference between using either of the two types of cards?


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    The T1 cards are usually more expensive, They require a differnt pin out for back to back crossover conections than ethernet. 1,2,4,5 -T1 VS 1,2,3,6 -Ethernet

    IF you want to make a frame switch out of these cards, then it's going to get very expensive.

    Don;t confuse a frame switch with a hub router. The NM-4as will be the module in the frame switch. Your hub router will use logical subinterfaces for mulitple connecitons. The NM-4as is for DB60 connections of course. I personally use Wic-1T's and nm 4as for my setup because it saved money.

    If you get a NM 8as, make sure you really need that many interfaces. If you are looking forward to the future and scalability with ur lab, then hoorah.
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