OWA...Where do you specify the URL?

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How and where do you specify the URL for Exhchange 2003 OWA? Do you just create this in DNS?


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    OWA gets sets up as a virtual directory, therefore if you want a site like mail.company.com to go right to your owa site you would need something like an asp page for a redirect as otherwise you will need to specify mail.company.com/owa

    For DNS just worry how they will get to the site that is holding your CAS role and make the A record based on this. (otherwise nothing special for OWA in general)

    One thing you will need to remember is that if you are going to be using autodiscovery you will need to create an A record for this as well as it uses an SCP locator and this searches for this record.(not sure if this is the correct way to word it) For what its worth, I LOVE autodiscovery so far, I have been having a moderate amount of success with Exchange 2007 as far as functionality, a little problem with getting Offline Address Book functionality 100% as it seems default config is not always correct in that regard.
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    Autodiscover is an Exchange 2007 feature, no need to worry about this.

    You don't need to do any URL modification within Exchange 2003. For you, just install Exchange 2003, assign a certificate that will be the same URL you will be accessing it via a web browser, and set the Exchange directory to be secured via SSL.

    So the steps:
    1. Install Exchange 2003
    2. If you are going to be accessing OWA via http://mail.domain.com, request a certificate with the name of mail.domain.com.
    3. Fullfull the CSR request in IIS once you receive the .CER file
    4. Assign your Exchange directory within IIS to be SSL encrypted
    5. Create a DNS HOST (A) record for "mail" and have it point to your Exchange 2003 box
    6. You will now be able to go to https://mail.domain.com

    If you want users to be able to be re-directed from http://mail.domain.com/exchange, https://mail.domain.com, or https://mail.domain.com to https://mail.domain.com/exchange automatically, visit the following URL:
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